Why will baby yoga help my baby sleep?

One of the many benefits of Baby Yoga we and other teachers promote is that baby yoga can improve the sleep patterns of your little one.  In this article we look a little deeper into the why that lies behind it.

Babies who do yoga sleep better – a lot of people


Let’s start with the phrase “A happy baby is a healthy baby”, baby yoga encourages loving touch and stimulation between parent and child, improving bonding and awareness of the needs of your child.  This increased level of awareness of your baby’s needs, through a route in which you are both able to express and understand love, can lead to greater contentment and better sleep.

However, there is a little more to it than that, adding small amounts of yoga to your daily routine, and even into your bedtime routine, helps your child have time to focus on relaxation and stress reduction, leading to calm and restful sleep for both you and baby.  If you read our article on baby massage and sleep you will understand how massage helps babies learn the difference between day and night and reduces sleep avoidance behaviour.  Yoga is an extension on this and starts the process of parent handing the tools to promote sleep over to your baby.

The mix of movement, touch and breathing help calm your baby, encouraging stillness and relaxation.  This allows your baby to learn how to centre and calm themselves for sleep, removing the stress of a bedtime battle.

Alas, whilst there is plenty of research to support the benefits of yoga, well all sorts of physical exercise really, on physical development, the areas of research on sleep have generally been completed using a poor methodology.  However don’t let that put you off, there are many benefits to baby yoga and introduced properly is a fun a safe thing to try with your baby.

Here at Baby and Me Do we practice baby yoga as accredited through the Birthlight Trust and can give you the training you need to introduce baby yoga into your daily routine with your child.  We’ll teach you a whole repertoire of moves and exercises for a range of situations including bedtime.

Remember even 5 minutes of activity helping to exercise and move the whole body will aid development and promote sleep.

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