Does Baby Massage contribute to improved sleep patterns?

The good news for all sleepy parents is that yes, baby massage can help improve your babies sleep patterns.

You don’t need to look very far to find articles like this one on the Baby Sleep Site, that talk about the benefits of massage in promoting sleep.

But importantly this isn’t just opinion the statement is backed up by an increasing body of research. Let’s take these two articles talking about separate studies:

Massage Therapy by Mothers Enhances the Adjustment of Circadian Rhythms to the Nocturnal Period in Full-Term Infants (Ferber et al)  concludes that infant massage by mothers in the perinatal period acts as a strong time cue, enabling babies to start to learn the difference between night and day, as their natural body rhythms develop.

Sleep Problems in Infants Decrease Following Massage Therapy (Tiffany Fielda & Maria Hernandez) concludes that introducing a 15 minute massage into the bedtime routine changed the babies behaviour to remove disturbances to falling asleep and reduced the amount of time it took for babies to get to sleep.

Which I’m sure you’ll all agree is a bonus for the tired parents everywhere.
This promotion of sleep is just one of the many benefits of Baby Massage that you will find by introducing infant massage into your relationship with your child, least of all the increase of love and security in your relationship.

Here at Baby and Me Do we will teach you a range of routines and processes leading up to being able to perform a full body massage for your baby and support and advice on introducing massage into your daily routine. All backed up and accredited by our affiliation with the IAIM.

So if you would like to know more get in touch and let Baby and Me Do provide you with training and support on infant massage in safe and comfortable environment.



Hi, just read your post on massage promoting sleep and I couldn’t agree more. I wish I had known about it when I was desperately trying to get my sons sleeping pattern sorted out when he arrived with me as a looked after child with no bedtime routine.

He is now five and a few weeks ago asked me to rub his back before bedtime and it’s now part of our routine and it really helps soothe him to sleep.

Keep up the good work Baby and Me Do x

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